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Introducing Neurotech Business Report
Neurotech Business Report is the first publication targeting the business of neurotechnology, the application of engineering techniques to human neural and information processing systems. Each monthly issue of Neurotech Business Report brings you in-depth and expert analysis of one of the newest and most promising industries of the 21st Century.

While other newsletters cover the broad field of medical technology, no other publication precisely targets the neurotechnology industry. And no one else looks beyond the health-care industry to cover the ongoing technology transfer from medical devices to commercial products in emerging markets like computer interfaces and training/simulation.

Technologies Covered
Neurotech Business Report covers the business and the technology in place and on the horizon in:

• Neural prostheses
• Neuromuscular rehabilitation
• Neural stimulators
• Magnetic sensing and stimulation
• Artificial neural networks
• Brain/computer interfaces
• Neural/silicon hybrids

Markets Covered
Our editors scour the scene for current and potential applications of neurotechnology in fields like:

• Neurology
• Neurosurgery
• Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation
• Psychiatry

Who Will Benefit
With its blend of up-to-date technology analysis and visionary outlooks on future market growth, Neurotech Business Report appeals to entrepreneurs, upper-level managers, financial leaders, and other key players in this growing industry, including engineering directors, financial planners, venture capitalists, and marketing executives.

Sample Articles

Watch for these upcoming articles and features like these in future issues of Neurotech Business Report

Venture Capital Outlook
The demise of the dotcom and ecommerce frenzy of the last few years has created an interesting opportunity-—and a potential pitfall—for start-ups in the neurotechnology industry. Our editors examine the major factors influencing the availability of venture capital to this industry and three different strategies for exploiting this current opportunity.

Magnetic Stimulators Promise New Market
While functional electrical stimulation has made tremendous progress in the development of neural prostheses, there are numerous impediments to rapid commercial growth, such as the requirement for surgical implantation. Not so for neural magnetic stimulators, which can generate neural activity with magnetic fields in close contact with human tissue. In this report, we look at the current state of development of magnetic stimulation systems.

State and Local Governments Spur Neurotech
In recent years, there has been a pronounced effort on the part of state and local agencies and public and private universities to commercialize research and foster start-ups in biomedical technology. In this article, our editors examine efforts such as Ohio’s Edison BioTechnology Center to see which neurotech firms have benefited and which areas are ripe for exploitation. And we’ll let you know which services are worth taking advantage of and which ones are best left on the table.

Computer Industry Chomps at the Bit
Perhaps no other potential market for neurotech is as eager to put new technology developments to use as the computer industry. Products that enhance or expand the man/machine interface, such as EEG-based joystick controls and artificial olfactory systems are eagerly awaited by CPU and peripherals manufacturers looking for a leg up on the competition. Apple Computer is just one of several companies who have highlighted neurotech developments for commercial benefit.

In Each Issue

Each issue of Neurotech Business Report offers information-packed features and departments that give you the complete picture on the state of the industry.

Market Analysis
Our editors take an in-depth look at one emerging market for neurotechnology products and systems. We’ll tell you who the key players are, where the customers are coming from, obstacles to growth, and likely growth rates.

Vendor Profiles
Each issue contains a critical analysis of one key manufacturer. We’ll look at the company’s management, customer base, core technology, competitive position, financial history, and future outlook.

Deals and Start-Ups
We’ll keep you up-to-date with information on funding activity from venture capital sources, IPOs, mergers and acquisitions, and licensing agreements.

Research Institution Profiles
Our editors will make you aware of the leading sources of technology development at university, government, and private research institutions. We’ll apprise readers of opportunities for technology licensing or participating in sponsored consortia.

Legal and Regulatory Issues
We keep you informed about regulatory issues that may or may not affect the market, including

• FDA regulations
• Pending legislation
• Intellectual property issues
• Court decisions

Conference Highlights
Our editors cover dozens of technical conferences, association meetings, trade shows, and events, filtering out the significant news, trends, and findings from each.

Subscriber Benefits

Charter subscribers to Neurotech Business Report receive a special price and special benefits that won’t be available later.

Electronic and Paper Formats
Charter subscribers may elect to receive copies of Neurotech Business Report in both print or electronic (PDF) format at no additional charge.

E-Mail Alerts
Each week—or more frequently when necessary—Neurotech Business Report editors will send you e-mail updates of important activities in the industry.

On-Line Database
Subscribers to Neurotech Business Report receive access to our on-line database of neurotechnology companies and products. You’ll be able to search by company name, neurological condition treated, or product category.

Free Telephone Consultation
Subscribers are entitled to a free 30-minute telephone consultation with the editorial staff. This consultation, worth hundreds of dollars, can be used to help assess technology, competitors, future products, or marketing strategies.



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