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Announcing a New Online Database of Neuromodulation Products

Neurotech Reports, the publisher of Neurotech Business Report, in conjunction with the International Neuromodulation Society and Neurotech Network, is pleased to announce the introduction of our Online Database of Neuromodulation Products. This exclusive and comprehensive service is available to members of the International Neuromodulation Society, members of Neurotech Network, and subscribers to Neurotech Reports.

Now, for the first time, vendors of neuromodulation products can reach all three critical components of the marketplace: clinicians via the INS website, consumers and end-users through the Neurotech Network website, and manufacturers through the Neurotech Reports website.

Each query offers detailed information on neuromodulation products currently on the market worldwide or in clinical trials, including information on vendor company, product description, regulatory status, and reimbursement status.

We are now accepting reservations for sponsorships. To reserve your place, contact James Cavuoto at Neurotech Reports, 415 546 1259.

To preview the Online Database of Neuromodulation Products,
click this link.

Sponsorship Options

Category sponsorship: $250/month

Includes a banner advertisement and link at the top of each query result page when a particular product category is queried.

Condition sponsorship: $250/month

Includes a banner advertisement and link at the top of each query result page when a particular neurological disorder is queried.

Site sponsorship: $500/month

Includes a banner advertisement and link at the home page and all query result pages.

Company logo: $100/month

Your company logo appears each time your company name is queried from the database. The logo may also link to your website.

Product photo: $100/month/product

Your product photo appears each time a particular product is queried. The photo may also link to a product page on your website.

All sponsorships require a six-month minimum term.

Product Categories

Spinal Cord Stimulation
Deep-Brain Stimulation
Obesity Stimulation
Sacral Nerve Stimulators
Foot-Drop Stimulators
Cochlear Prostheses
Muscle Stimulators
Surface Pain Stimulators
Percutaneous Pain Stimulators
Neural Reeducation Systems
Vagus Nerve Stimulators
Leads and Electrodes
Power Supplies
Pulse Generators
Intrathecal Drug Pumps
EEG Systems
Magnetic Stimulation Systems
Neurosurgical Tools
Brain Analysis Systems
Neurodiagnostic Systems
and many more

Neurological Conditions

Chronic Pain
Parkinson’s Disease
Stroke Rehabilitation
Hearing Disorders
Urinary Incontinence
Essential Tremor
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Treatment-Resistant Depression
Sleep Apnea
Traumatic Brain Injury
Spinal Cord Injury
and many more

Free Listings

All vendors of approved and forthcoming neuromodulation products are entitled to a basic listing in the database. In addition, vendors may list one product per category (no more than three categories). Each product can include a brief description (15 words max). Database sponsors are entitled to expanded descriptions plus unlmited products.

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