About Neurotech Reports

Neurotech Reports is dedicated to providing business and technology professionals up-to-date and forward-looking information about the field of neurotechnology and future developments that will affect the venture capital, research, and start-up communities.

Neurotech Reports serves the scientific, medical, engineering, and financial communities interested in developing the new field of neurotechnology. This includes entrepreneurs interesting in launching new firms, existing biotechnology and medical device manufacturers interested in branching into a new market, scientific and engineering professionals interested in applying their skills to this new market, and venture capitalists seeking worthwhile funding opportunities.


James Cavuoto, editor and publisher

James Cavuoto is editor and publisher of Neurotech Business Report and the founder of Neurotech Reports. He was the lead author of "The Market for Neurotechnology," a market research report published by Neurotech Reports. Cavuoto was previously the founder of Micro Publishing Press, Inc., a publishing company that helped pioneer the market for electronic publishing, digital imaging, and computer graphics. He holds a degree in biomedical engineering from Case Western Reserve University, where he studied under pioneers in the field of functional electrical stimulation. He has also studied human factors engineering at University of Southern California in Los Angeles. Cavuoto spent three years as a member of the technical staff at Hughes Aircraft Company in Los Angeles, where he worked on simulation, training, and publication products produced for the U.S. Department of Defense. Cavuoto is an adjunct professor at Rochester Institute of Technology and the author of eight books on computer graphics, electronic publishing, and digital imaging. He is a member of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. He has authored a chapter in the textbook Neuromodulation (Elsevier), as well as articles in Journal of Neural Engineering, Medical Device Daily, IEEE Spectrum, MX magazine, and the International Journal of Medical Marketing.

Andrew Shalat, art director

Andrew Shalat is an experienced graphic and web designer and a recognized authority on digital imaging, graphic design, and new media. He has served as art director of several publications, including Digital Imaging magazine, and has contributed articles and reviews to MacWorld and MacWeek magazines. He is currently an instructor of advanced web design at Cal State University Long Beach. His design clients include MedTech USA Software, Cushman and Wakefield, and Cycle Reebok. He holds a BA from SUNY Stonybrook and an MA from Brandeis University.


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