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Neurotechnology, the application of electronics and engineering to the human nervous system, has now reached a level of commercial and scientific maturity that will produce enormous benefits to patients and profits to investors. Hundreds of thousands of people have already been helped by neurostimulation products that restore hearing to deaf people, movement to individuals with paralysis, and relief to those with chronic pain or neurological disorders. Please join us as we monitor the growth of this new industry and track the progress from medical technology to commerial products.

Recent Highlights

Industry Pioneers and Executives to Meet at 2015 Neurotech Leaders Forum

Several new and startup neurotechnology firms will present at the 15th annual Neurotech Leaders Forum.

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Jennifer French Joins Neurotech Reports as Associate Publisher

The neurotech nonprofit professional will assist the editorial team.

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Memory Disorder Findings Suggest New Therapies

Two new studies shed light on potential brain mechanisms.

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Commentary by James Cavuoto

Neurotech Reports editor James Cavuoto comments on role of DARPA in funding new neurotech research programs for psychiatric and cognitive disorders.

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Recent Conference Reports

2015 NeuroFutures Conference

International Stroke Conference

American Academy of Neurology Annual Meeting

Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness Meeting

International Neuromodulation Society Meeting

Neural Interfaces Conference

AAAS Annual Meeting

Neurotech Leaders Forum

BIO CEO & Investor Conference

Society for Neuroscience Meeting

North American Neuromodulation Society Annual Meeting

J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference

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Recent Vendor Profiles

Blackrock Microsystems

SetPoint Medical

MicroTransponder Inc.

Ossur hf

NeuroPace Inc.

Bioness Inc.

BrainsGate Ltd.

Medtronic Inc.

Kinetic Muscles Inc.

Posit Science

Neural Signals

Neuronetrix Inc.

Innovative Neurotronics

Zynex Medical

Greatbatch Inc.

NeuroMetrix Inc.


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